The first day of blogging my true love gave to me

In spirit of 12 Days Of Christmas, I’m going to start and try keep blogging over the holiday period that has just started, with a litte help of my friends at @liftapp.


“Always start with the why” is something I’ve learned from clever people. The big WHY is answered by one of my life’s believes: “A day not learned, is a day not lived”. Every day we learn new things. We learn from our mistakes. We learn by looking at others. We learn by reading experiences written up by people. And that is where I feel the need to jump in. In true open-source spirit, I want to share things I learn, and see, and do. Often Twitter is a good medium to share that, but to build up a bit more consise story, blogs work better.

But I have go some knowledge about my own habits. Starting will be fine. Second day still there, and third day probably also. And then things begin to slip. Got no inspiration. No motivation to continue. Things fall apart …But today I learned about @liftapp, a motivational app that might be just the way to keep things going and change behavior. Because that is what I want. Change my behavior in a way that I can more consistently do what I think I should do, and not drift away by a lack of motivation to other more “interesting” topics, that will make me start all over again.

I dig Gamification, like StackOverflow and that kind of achievement and badge motivated systems, to score, rank and measure progress. Those kind of systems work for me, for running longer and faster and for losing weight, and hopefully also for blogging.


Not sure if you’re going to like this, but I’m going to share pursue of an idea I’ve got in my mind since a few years now. Next blog post will go more in-depth in the what. Hope it will be tomorrow 🙂

Stay tuned!

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