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I’ve spend hell of a time this evening getting the site’s theme and structure a bit more acceptable, both for desktop and mobile browsers. This post will merely be a status update on what I’ve been up to  behind the scenes.

Invite and Share

Based on my conclusions in previous posts, I’ve reached out to the people and companies behind the apps we have been evaluating. Translated in English, in essence this is what the mail looks  like:

Dear Madam, Sir,

I would like to point you to a series of blog posts that I’m writing which are strongly related to mobile applications published in your domain. Your application is also discussed, and on the one hand, I find it decent to let you be aware of what is written there. On the other hand it might provide the opportunity to start conversations on how to realize mine, but potentially also your goals on this subject.

Most relevant starting point is: http://www.beerenko.nl/ranking-the-stars/. From this post, you will also be able to browse the other posts in the series.

This blog is a personal initiative and not coupled to my employer or alike employee contracts. I am open to receive your comments and proposals for improvement. Please use the commenting functionality on the blog, or mail me directly by replying to this email.

Best regards,
Marco Kroonwijk

I wanted to make sure I am as transparent as possible to the app parties to give them the opportunity to read the posts, understand what I’m looking for, how their apps were reviewed and what my outcome is. Maybe I do not understand functionality, or have missed things that I am looking for and seemed impossible, that are actually there.

Before I hit the send button on the email I’ve given it some thought what the response from them could be like. It could be positive and constructively be correcting the reviews. It could be negatively asking me to remove all references to their products. It could be that my email is ignored, or ends-up in the spam box, and I never actually get a response from them :-). This ‘unknown’ and ‘unexpected’ outcome is not inside my comfort zone, but being invisible to the key players in this area, will certainly not bring any progress. Transparency and visibility is key, so … Let’s see where it goes.

Disregarding the outcome, I will be looking into how retailers work. How do they keep their stock? How do they determine their prices? Is there a collaboration platform for retailers? How are individual shops provided with product and price detail updates from the central back-office? And lots more questions where the answer can help us identify opportunities to plug into the domain and continue pursuing our goals.

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